Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Death and Karma


What does it mean to die? You cannot take anything with you when you die. When you die, you cannot use your body anymore. Your body is just your body. You are not your body, so don't think that your body is you. You are you.

You are eternal, but your body is limited. The opposite of eternal is temporary. Since we are eternal but our body is temporary (only lasts about 100 years), then we have to keep changing our body. Therefore, to die means to exchange the old body for a new one.


This sounds good, because it means that we can start again. You cannot take your house, money, wife, car, or power with you when you die; people think you cannot take anything with you when you die, but yes, you can take two things with you. Only two things: you can take your good karma and your bad karma.


So you might say that you can tke ONE thing with you: your karma. This means all effects of all actions you have done, the complete total of all action including good and bad.

Your karma is going to influence you in your next new life. You can create karma three ways: through speaking, thinking, and acting. In order to avoid unnecessary suffering in your next life, try to create only good karma.

Speak good. Think good. Behave good.


Many times you don't have to wait until the next life to receive the karma that you create.  It could come back immediately. So, in order to have a spiritual and good life this time.

Speak good. Think good. Behave good.


Nobody sees things exactly the same way. One hundred people will see the same thing a hundred different ways, so there is no absolute way to determine what is bad or good. What is "good" to some people becomes "bad" for other people, depending on the circumstances. As time and situations change "good" may become "bad", and "bad" may become "good". So what is good? What is bad? For our poor brain it is difficult to know what is good and bad, and finding out can be dangerous.

The law changes all the time. Something that used to be legal may become illegal; something illegal in one country may be legal in another country at the same time! So what is good and bad? What is legal and illegal? There is no clear answer.


To find out what is good or bad, you can depend on the teachings of the various religions. They are generally safe and can be relied on, but I recommend the best way to find out what is good and bad for yourself is through meditation.

Be spiritual. Be religious. Meditate.


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