Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Positive Thinking

"Playing in the realm of emptiness and nothingness, 
the enlightened world."

In Buddhism we say that nothing exists in this universe besides mind --- in other words: everything is a product of mind. By positively thinking that something is possible, even when it looks impossible, it will be possible.

When you die, mind (in common understanding) disappears, but Karma stays. Cancer is nothing but an increase in abnormal cells. Naturally the immune system of the body wants to fight it. The immune system is influenced by the mind. Whether you are enlightened or not, believe that you have Buddha-nature. We come from Buddha-nature.

To use this energy and to depend on it, will make a big difference in your life. By thinking positively and acting in an affirmative way, you will experience not only how your health will improve, but your relationships will benefit as well.

When you are aware in this way, you can use what religion sometimes refers to as infinite power/energy, which is Buddha-nature.

When this awareness happens, good luck will be part of your life and you will feel miracles happen. When you feel this, it will be very difficult for you to fall ill. The best way to rid yourself of mental fatigue is to focus your mind (zazen meditation). A second way to rid yourself of mental fatigue is to use positive speech, for example by saying "I am filled with God's infinite power." If you want to accomplish something that seems difficult, the best way is to visualize that you have already accomplished it. What to do when you are "freaking out"? Behave as if you are not freaking out, as if you are perfectly happy.

Make your face happy and your mind will follow. In Buddhism, everything is cause and effect, therefore Buddhism does not teach in terms of destiny or fate.

Human beings can choose cause by use of mind and the appropriate effect will follow. 

Nothing is therefore impossible. By effort and by mind we can then eliminate certain obstacles, which in turn will allow the desired effect to follow.

When you want to accomplish something, unless you remove the obstacle, whether internal or external, nothing can happen.

That is why you need effort and time. No matter how frustrated or upset you are, think in terms of cause and effect, so when the appropriate time comes and the obstacle is removed, your wish will come true.

To attain enlightenment is not difficult, only don't discriminate.

Reprinted from "The Spiritual" newsletter 1994.

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