Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TANTRA YOGA (Part 6): Chakras - Anahata Chakra

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CHAKRAS (continued)...

(4) Anahata Chakra

This is my favorite chakra and is known as the heart chakra or heart center. The meaning of anahata is "never stop" or endless. Nonphysical, transcendental, endless, beginningless sound, anahatanada exists in anahata chakra. Its location in the physical body is near the heart and cardiac plexus. The space of the heart in the physical body is very small, but the space of the heart in the astral dimension, which is anahata chakra, is very large and formless, and everything occurs from there.

The 3 chakras, from muladhara to manipura chakra, relate to the maintenance of the physical body---the senses that connect body and mind. Therefore, they are strongly related with worldly matters; in other words, cause and effect (karma) is very dominant. The lower three chakras are always related to karma. At the muladhara and svadisthana chakra state, the practitioner is completely governed by karma accordingly. At the state of the manipura chakra, the practitioner is still tied up with karma, but partially transcends karma and is able to control his life with will rather than be controlled by karma. Most people are born, grow up, and do various human actions through karma. Basically, anahata chakra is not influenced by karma which influences the lower three chakras.

Yogis who have attained anahata chakra know that karma is a reality, but are able to transcend and be free from it. The function of anahata is to transcend this wordly dimensional karma, so one who has developed anahata chakra is free from karma and at the same time is able to control the world of karma at his will. In other words, he can accomplish anything which he desires in this karma world. There is a great difference in functions and siddhis up to manipura chakra and from anahata chakra. Up to manipura chakra, the practitioner is just receptive of his karma, but at the anahata the practitioner is able to accomplish any kind of desire he wishes. The anahata charka's function of "accomplishing anything desired" is a function of kalpavriksha. Kalpavrikhsa is a tree, the evergreen tree, known as the tree of hope inside anahata chakra. This "tree of hope" is in everybody's anahata chakra, but it only appears and functions in those who have awakened the anahata chakra completely. By the way, yogis who have awakened the anahata chakra are able to accomplish any desire or wish in life, but whether his wish is good or bad, it will be accomplished equally. Therefore, yogis who have awakened this chakra and yogis who attempt to develop this chakra must be selfless (no ego), maintain positive attitude towards life, and have a good personality. Otherwise, he will create disharmony in society (one individual can destroy the whole world). Hindus believe that the absolute one, the creator God, Brahma (macrocosm) is living in the anahata chakra as Atman (microcosm). Basically, Atman (self, soul, spirit, God-within, etc.) is Brahma (God, creator). Atman is always one with Brahma. This experiential philosophy is at the core of the Hindu religion. The principal element of this chakra is air. Therefore, siddhis occuring from this chakra are for the control of air and wind. Nonpersonal but universal love will be awakened and become eloquent with poetic genius. Desires and wishes come true. Increasing of healing power, such as prana healing by placing one's hand on a patient and and send prana (ki) to heal otherself.  Otherself? Yes, you are "yourself" and other people besides you are "otherself". The word "otherself" is used by Dogen Zenji (Zen Master Dogen). Dogen Zenji has attained this high consciousness of myself and otherself through zazen meditation. Basically everything is oneness. I am you and you are me and I am everything and everything is me. This is the reality. But you simply could not see it that way. Simple because this is the state (level) human beings are at. This level is needed to evolve to "oneness" level. No matter what, we are going to be there anyway. In several hundred millions years time everybody will be there. We are in the middle of the evolution of the universe.

Everything came from nothingness and emptiness and became somethingness. Then why "somethingness"? To go back to emptiness! So blockage of this chakra causes inability communicate.


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