Thursday, June 18, 2009

TANTRA YOGA (Part 7): Chakras - Visuddha Chakra

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CHAKRAS (continued)...

(5) Visuddha Chakra (throat chakra)

The location of the visuddha chakra is near the throat/thyroid gland area in the physical body. Its principle is ether, and it is identified  with hearing and it relates to voice/vocal cord and the ears. The visuddha chakra is directly related with sahasrara chakra, the highest point of human's awareness. The function of vissudha is to purify the poisons occuring in the body and poisons coming into the physical form from the outside, and to increase metabolism in order to be able to live for a long time. In other words, you can maintain your physical body for a long time. In my opinion, by awakening up the visuddha chakra completely, HIV can be totally purified from the system. It can also completely control food and liquids. So you can live without eating for a long time. The visuddha chakra is able to transform the energy of the mental (causal) dimension into a physical dimensional energy such as oxygen and protein, to substitute for food to maintain the physical body. Many of you have heard the story of yogis buried underground for several days or even weeks without any food and water, who do not die. This is the siddhi from awakened visuddha chakra and it is known as "underground samadhi". The siddhi of this chakra is one of becoming extremely sensitive towards the vibration of people's thought; in other words, the ability of telepathy. It is said that the manipura chakra receives otherselves' thoughts, but the reality is that visuddha picks up the vibration and transmits it to the manipura and then to various centers in the brain to recognize. The supreme siddhi of this chakra is the ability to completely understand the Veda, the oldest holy text of the truth of the universe.

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