Thursday, July 2, 2009

TANTRA YOGA (Part 8): Chakras - Ajna Chakra

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CHAKRAS (continued)...

(6) Ajna Chakra

The ajna chakra is located between the eyebrows or in the center of the forehead, known as the third eye. This is the first chakra that the practitioner should endeavor to awaken. Awakening of the ajna chakra will unwind karma. Ajna chakra purifies the mind and it has the ability to control all the other chakras. By concentrating and meditating on the ajna chakra, it starts to awaken, and the practitioner will experience great change in his mind and starts to purify the mind. When the mind is purified, then there will be no problems---problems occur only when the practitioner concentrates and meditates on other chakras (other than the ajna chakra). Because chakras other than ajna chakra carry various karmas, especially at muladhara, everything of karma is stored. Yogis usually meditate on this chakra to purify the mind. So when various karma rise up from various chakras, one's mind will not be taken over by karma. Therefore, yogis should not attempt to awaken the other chakras before waking up the ajna chakra. The principle of this chakra is consciousness.

Siddhis of the Ajna Chakra

When yogis start to realize the God within, the beginning of self-realization occurs---not human consciousness, but deeper and broader, higher consciousness---and the superconsciousness will be awake all the time. There will be a complete understanding of the past, present, future, and karma of yourself, otherself, past life, karma of place, country and planet. The most important thing about ajna chakra is that it will purify the karma and transcend the karma. In order for a human being to evolve to above human being (completion of evolution), complete awakening of ajna and sahasrara chakra is absolutely necessary.

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