Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Actual Practice to Self-Realization: Yoga Ashtanga - Yama (Part 2)

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YOGA ASHTANGA (8 Limbs of Yoga)

(1) Yama (continued)...
2. No Lying (speak only the truth).
This is common sense. I don't think I have to explain why "no lying." When you lie, people who you are lying to may not realize that you are lying, but you know that you are lying. This means that every time you lie to somebody, actually you are lying to your self. Again, when you lie, your subconscious mind will record it, and it will be reflected in your conscious mind. Therefore you will lose "peace of mind." In order to maintain peace in our society and maintain peace in our mind the precept of "No lying" is very important. One of my students said: "Yes, it makes so much sense and it is simple, but difficult to do." That's why we practice!
3. No Stealing (taking things away from others).
As zen master Dogen said, "You are myself and another individual is otherself", therefore, you and the other is one. When you steal, you are stealing from yourself... what a stupid behavior. Everything you do, good or bad, will stay as KARMA. In other words, everything is recorded in the subconscious mind. Anything that is inputted in the subconscious mind has to come out in reality. So, negative influence to your mind and body is created by the act of stealing. Also, you will be punished by society's law against stealing.
4. Celibacy (controlling desires).
No sexual behavior for certain period of time (celibacy). Sexual desires are one of the strongest desires of human being. By practicing celibacy one will be able to control the various desires that we experience in life. Fasting practice is similar to celibacy. Both practices will provide you a calm and peaceful mind. Mind suffers from various desires. So, if you can control your fundamental desires, then mind becomes free, calm and peaceful.

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