Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Actual Practice to Self-Realization: Yoga Ashtanga - Yama (Part 3)

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YOGA ASHTANGA (8 Limbs of Yoga)

(1) Yama (continued)...
5. Contentment (own only things that are necessary).
I want this. I want that. I want that too! This is known as the desire to possess, an instinctive desire of a human being. By controlling the endless desire to possess we also create peace in our society and our mind. Try to practice to possess only what is necessary for life. Simplify your belongings and life. In life what is necessary and what you want is different. What you want may not be what's necessary in your life. Satisfying our "desire to possess" makes our materialistic society more materialistic.

Siddhis of Yama
According to yoga sutra (the holy text of yoga), when a yogi accomplishes complete non-violence, any being around this yogi becomes peaceful - even bad people, murderers, or violent wild animals will not harm him.
You can create results without action. In other words, you can make things happen by just saying without doing. This is the siddhi of no lieing, the speaking only the truth practice. By practicing "no stealing" very deeply and completely it is said that various treasures from the world will come to you without you desiring for it. (In this dimension, by just imagining having sex with somebody else's wife, is considered stealing a wife and is considered taking).
When one practices celibacy, one will receive great power after one has been practicing celibacy for a certain period of time (6-12 years), along with meditation practice. Those practitioners who are able to transform the sexual energy to spiritual energies, their body and mind becomes extremely healthy and clear, and the most peaceful state of mind can be attained.
By practicing "contentment" deeply one is able to see the past, present and the future with clarity. When you are free from the "desire to possess" mind becomes extremely clear, so clear that you can see through past, present and future.

NEXT WEEK: Niyama (do's)

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