Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Actual Practice to Self-Realization: Yoga Ashtanga - Niyama (Part 2)

The following is the fourteenth installment of a new book on Tantra Yoga that I am writing. As a follower of this blog you have the opportunity to read this soon to be published book as each chapter comes out. So please make sure to check this blog as often as you can. Or better yet, sign up as a follower of this blog to be automatically notified via email when each new installment comes out.

YOGA ASHTANGA (8 Limbs of Yoga)

(1) Yama (ethics - dont's)
(2) Niyama (recommended practices - do's)
(3) Asana (yoga posture)
(4) Pranayama (breathing exercise)
(5) Pratyahara (making the mind introspective)
(6) Dharana (concentration)
(7) Dhyana (meditation)
(8) Samadhi (enlightenment)


(2) Niyama (do's) - practices that are recommended (continued...)
5. Worship of God.
In Tantra yoga, God refers to Lord Siva, the creator God of this world. Siva also refers to "pure consciousness" and is the founder of yoga. In this way, practicing yoga ashtanga itself also can be a worship of God.


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